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Reasons For An Appraisal

01 Transfer of Ownership

  • To help prospective buyers decide on offering prices
  • To help prospective sellers determine acceptable selling prices
  • To establish a basis for exchanges of real property
  • To establish a basis for reorganization or for merging the ownership of multiple properties

02 Financing and Credit

  • To arrive at the essential security offered for a proposed mortgage loan.
  • To provide an investor with a sound basis for deciding whether to purchase real estate mortgages, bonds, or other types of securities.
  • To establish a basis regarding the insuring or underwriting of a loan on real property.

03 Just compensation in expropriation proceedings

  • To estimate market value of property as a whole that is, before the taking.
  • To estimate value after the taking.
  • To allocate market values between the part taken and damage to the remainder.

04 Realty decision-making.

  • To identify and quantify most probable markets and related timing.
  • To determine marketability of a proposed land use.
  • To analyze or compare real estate investment alternatives.
  • To decide feasibility of accomplishing stated investment goals.

05 A basis for taxation

  • To separate assets into depreciable items such as buildings, and non-depreciable items, such as land, and to estimate applicable depreciation rates
  • To determine gift or inheritance taxes

06 A basis for rental schedules and lease provisions

07 Feasibility in relation to a renovation program

08 A basis for corporations or third-party companies to purchase homes of transferred employees

09 Other situations in which a decision about real estate is necessary

An appraisal may be required for a value other than market value:

Insurable value

a concept of replacement cost to serve the needs of insured, insurer, and adjuster

Going concerns value

a concept of value that includes tangible assets plus intangibles such as goodwill or going business value. It may be used in corporate mergers, the issuance of stock, or revision of book value.

Liquidations value or price

a value or price for forced sale or auction proceedings.

Assessed value

a uniform schedule for tax rolls in an ad valorem taxation. This schedule may not conform to market value but usually bears some relation to a market value base.

Value in use

a concept reflecting the economic contribution of the real estate to the enterprise of which it is a part. This is particularly applicable to real estate for which no rental or sale market can be defined.

Although this list does not include all the needs for appraisals, it indicates the broad scope of the professional appraisers activates and illustrates some of the values that may be important in real estate decisions.